My Track Machine: 2010 Felt TK2 May 3, 2010

I’ve been meaning to photograph my new race bike for a few weeks now and it wasn’t until this weekend’s track opener that I actually had the time to do so. When I decided to race at the track this year, I wanted to go aluminum. The last thing I wanted to do was work my Merckx over into a noodle or potentially wreck it. I spoke with Ben’s Cycle about working out a deal on a complete Felt TK2 and being the amazing sponsors they are, I got a brand-spanking new bike shortly after.

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My initial reaction to the bike when I got it in was that the fit was going to take some tweaking. I went with a size 58 because the 60cm’s top tube would be too long for me. So with a little bit extra post sticking out and the saddle slid forward a few centimeters, I achieved a comfortable fit. Wanting a wider, shallower bar, I decided to go with the FSA Energy New Ergo bar in a 44cm width. The extra leverage really makes a difference and not once did I hit my wrist on the bends. It also makes the bike a little more street-friendly; bars with flats are a good thing.

One other feature on the bike that makes it extremely race-friendly is the asymmetric rear end. I had a hard time photographing it, hence the lack of photos, but the rear end is actually designed to make left turns. Clever huh?

Overall, for the buck, the Felt TK2 is a great track machine. Aside from me breaking the cones and spacers on the rear wheel twice, I’m stoked on how it performed. Gloss-black Omniums too! My only upgrade will probably be new wheels but that’ll take a while to commit to.

Many thanks to Ben’s Cycle for hooking this up. They really know how to run a company. Being a local bike shop since 1928 has its perks!

  • How would you work the Merckx over in to a “noodle”?

  • I knew you’d call me out on that! I just meant the sway in the BB on steel bikes vs. aluminum. Not that I’d loosen the bike’s lugs up or anything.

  • You forgot to mention how the Brev M grips totally changed your life too… ;-)

    Nice looking bike- how’d the actual racing go?

  • (those are Fyxation grips on the road drops) – the Brev M. grips are on the track drops…


    Racing went well. Here’s a recap:

  • Colin

    Did you actually get a bike fit done on that bad boy? Just looks a bit off the way it is. I imagine your a pretty tall guy and with the seat set up that way your knee to pedal to crank position would be all messed. My “only on the track” bike has its seat slid back quite a bit. I ride a 58, can ride a 60 and am 6″1′

  • Colin,

    The fit’s fine man. I know how to set my bikes up. I rode all weekend on it like this and everything’s dialed. Everyone’s body is different. I have really long legs and a short torso. Unless you see someone on the bike, it’s impossible to say the fit is wrong for them.

  • hey, did you have a front wheel re-laced to radial? i seem to remember both wheels were 2x on those pics you took in your Upper East Side neighboorhood :) and then ripped them off you flickr cause you didn’t like them. Or is it my memory playing with me?

  • UES? Nah man, that was Greenpoint, Brooklyn! I didn’t relace the wheels. The front comes radial on the 2010 models.