Matt Lingo for Heavy Pedal: Congo Tucked May 4, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

Damn! Two big airs in one day. This one’s from Matt Lingo via Heavy Pedal. Love seeing people tucked behind their saddles like LaMarche. Congo’s no stranger to the gnar factor, that’s for sure. These were outtakes from a new Volume Thrasher campaign.

Check out more photos over at Heavy Pedal!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This photo is sick! Matt always has the best photos and Congo is UP THERE!

  • d

    looks shopped. no offense to Congo

  • Not shopped. I’ve ridden with the kid. He’s got ups! Matt just has his way of retouching his photos that makes them look a little dream-like.

  • he’s got these all day long, no need to photoshop it:

    only picture i ever photoshopped of him was this one:

  • Ron-E

    HUGE! Out of topic but whatever happened to Sam Miller?that guy is sick

  • Noahem

    I lived in Albuquerque over the summer and Sam Miller was a mechanic at a shop there called Fixed and Free.

    He’s a great guy, but he was way more stoked on his band than his bike.

    It’s sort of too bad because I’d love to see more riding from him, but their music is blowing up in the Southwest.

  • PS

    Where in the world has Sam Miller been?

    Here’s where!