Horse Cycles: Stayer Stem May 17, 2010

I’m pretty sure I know who this stem is for, but I won’t speculate or let it slip up prematurely. Horse Cycles is in the process of developing an old-school stayer stem for a bike company and here’s the first prototype. I’m digging this project so far and anxiously awaiting the final production models.

One thing I’ll say is I liked the option of being able to slide the clamp off the extension on the older stems. It allowed you to run the bars above the extension if you wanted to. Adding a “lawyer’s tab” to the stem prohibits this doesn’t it? Maybe it’ll change? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait won’t we?

  • Gordon

    And not being able to take it off prevents you from rotating the bar clamp to the top, too, right?

  • yeah, that’s what I meant.

  • chris

    yeah, but you can just take the bolt out, and pull the clamp over the tab. i mean, its one extra step, but that metal is still thin enough to be pliable right?

    i still think adjustable quill stems are mad whacky. i mean, like a classic high polish quill stem is just so aesthetically pleasing, and most people who would consider purchasing this kind of product prolly already notch or mark their shit, so to say that they have their fits dialed and know they need a 110 or whatever. i dont know, im rambling.

  • I don’t think you wanna span the clamp to such an extreme opening. It’d weaken it over time.

    Personally, I’d rather see a classic stem like the Titan Luxe or the early Cinelli Pista than a stayer. But I see where they’re going with this design. Cheaper to make…

  • yourboychrisc

    more like slayer stem!

  • Simon

    This looks like it weighs a ton and in my opinion is not as elegant as the classics – a bit over built and unbalanced.

  • Edward Scoble

    I wouldn’t have though it needed to be low, especially with the mount holding the bar underneath it.

    surely a straight stem would be more than enough?

  • I wonder if they considered using a threaded insert so that the tab could be a removable 5mm panhead bolt. Like a flushmount water bottle braze on. Just a thought.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    1. That long nub where the bolt goes is hideous.

    2. Why such an extreme angle?

    3. I wouldn’t want to rely on that puddle of braze as the sole connection between my bars and my bike when I’m torquing on them in a sprint.

  • c-nasty

    i think it looks cool. overbuilt and rugged, like its made for a post apocalyptic war machine. but them again i like highly functional over highly fashionable. the tab does seem like a restricting element though.

  • James

    So beautiful!

    P.D. No

  • Ha. I like the square part of it, if it was me , I would probably drop the Adjustable part entirely, then you would have a classic shape,but something new too. Hmm, I mean who really needs the thing to adjust, thats really just added weight, and more to break.
    But what do I know.