Empire: I Hate Pinch Flats May 30, 2010

Today I almost wrapped up my Empire part. We’ve been hustling trying to finish it up for the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival (which is also the 10th year and you better be fucking coming!). After pinch flatting 6 times trying this one trick, I nailed it smooth and clean. This is the aftermath…

  • gottagroove

    this is why i have gone tubeless.so far its working great too!

  • Joe

    Ever hear of a patch kit? I’ve pinch-flatted my rear tube about 12 times, and it’s still going strong even though it’s spotted like a tropical cat.

  • That fruit cup from Whole Foods must have really hit the spot though.


  • Honor

    Don’t trash em! I heard you can make some sweet bookshelves outa those!

  • It’s mostly the valves that break not the tubes. The seal around the tube usually break.