Continuum Jeff Got His Bike Back May 6, 2010

Photo by Ed Glazar

Out all the photos I’ve looked at today, this one makes me wanna ride my bikes. Not bike, bikes. You can never really appreciate something until it’s gone and sometimes, in NYC, that includes some of your most treasured bikes. Remember when Jeff from Continuum’s bike got stolen last month? Well yesterday he got it back. Ed Glazar from Bike NYC was there to catch the action.

So good man! Jeff, congrats on getting your ride back.

All-Points-Bulletin: Jeff from Continuum’s Bike Stolen

  • The story, as requested: I was on the bus taking Amy to physical therapy Monday morning. We were stuck in traffic on the QBB. I was, of course, watching bikers on the path and I saw someone ride by on Jeff’s green Continuum. I saw it for a split second but I knew it was his and there was nothing I could
    do. I called Jeff and told him his bike was on it’s way into midtown
    east. He put out an APB and by the end of the day Jeff, Crihs and
    Corey had recoverd Julian’s green Continuum (gone for almost a year).

    I talked to Jeff late that night and we decided to case the bridge at
    the same time the next morning, as I had a hunch the dude was
    delivering food on the bike and figured he’d be riding over the bridge
    again. We caught him in the hairpin on the Manhattan side, SAME EXACT
    TIME I saw him the day before. He bought it from some dude who had to
    “go back to Mexico in a few days.”

    Front triangle was wrapped so the bike was in perfect condition.
    Nothing had been changed either. Dude was pushing clipless pedals with
    his sneakers.

  • d.patrick

    i like that this story has a happy ending.

  • SO pumped Jeff got his bike back.

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  • Dan

    Woah, Ed, so they found someone else’s green Continuum first, AND THEN Jeff’s?

  • Ed

    Yes. Two green Continuums in one day.

  • Santiago Belmont

    Holy shit!. im not being racist or anything. but if your bike got stolen. most likely is riding around queens, and QBB, in the past year i found 2 stolen bikes just riding around flushing meadow park.


  • andres.t 305deathsquad

    thats good that u guys can find stolen bikes. here in miami they usually end up on a boat to haiti. :(