Colin Prensky: New Kissena Kilo Record May 3, 2010

Opening weekend at Kissena Velodrome brought about a new record. Colin Prensky’s kilo time of 1:11:58 shattered the field and found a home in the Kissena record books. The man is a monster, as is his bike. Not a bad way to start off the season if you ask me. He ended up taking first for the Omnium in the A class.

Affinity‘s got one mean-looking team this season! Also, check out this photo that Doug from Hardcourt Bike Polo took of Colin racing on Saturday.

  • good gravy! his legs are HUGE!!

  • Gordon

    Damn, those are some HUGE fuckin quads.

  • That’s what track racers look like. Dude’s a hoss! You should see his team mates!

  • That picture that Doug took of Colin… what I’m doing there is commonly referred to as “suffering on his wheel.”

    Colin set the kilo record despite being in medical school and, as he tells it, fat and undertrained.