Smashed Out by the NYPD Apr 7, 2010

There’s not a whole lot of information about what happened here. All I know when I checked Smashenger this morning, this is what I found with a quote from the victim saying “dude today was a not so bad day”. It seems as though he got pinched by the cops and tackled. Sucks! I wonder what he did?

Edit: It seems as though a friend knows the guy who got pinched. Allegedly, he ran a red and tried to escape up the bridge, only to get caught by them. Damn.

  • He got pinched and tapped the hood of a car and the cops gave chase from Suffolk. He got a few tickets after they gave him the Bolgone Sandwich.

  • dag

    damn. Red lights are serious business.

  • Chris

    shoulda ridden faster

  • what?! for running a red?

  • Tom Robinson

    What?? Anybody know where I can find more info on this?

  • okay, I been biking in this city for over 5+ years and never have I once been stopped by cops. I have no reflectors, no brakes, no helmet, ran reds, etc… Been also driving in this city for 10+ years so I don’t bike wrecklessly… Maybe I’m just lucky, but I have never once been stopped day or night time. We’re on bikes, didn’t know we could even get pulled over by cops.. that just sounds corny…

  • Santiago Belmont

    yo, this is getting ridiculous, i already had 3 of my friends getting summons this week. this is making life for us REALLY difficult since the principles of a “delivery guy” “messenger” is to get packages on time and faster than a car and the reason is because we get to skip the rules of redlights and when theres alot of traffic make a jump on the sidewalk for a bit. but this bullshit. fuck this, jumping back to be a fruitbooter.

  • shouldnt play with 5-0. still couldnt believe this pic

  • rp

    come on now, everyone gets pulled over, on a bike or in a car, and sometimes you get ticketed. sucks, but it happens, and you know you slipped up. i don’t live in ny, but i’ve been pulled over for running a red on a bike,its pretty common, so its not just your city. stupid, but what are you going to do? riding your bike into a high speed pursuit sounds like a not entirely well considered idea. if that’s what this guy actually did.

  • Vas

    smart crew, thats pretty LUCKY of you to be riding in nyc for 5 years and never get a summons.

    yes, u can easily get pulled over by cops by riding on the side walk, wrong way, running red lights/stop signs.

    i’ve been stopped twice, 2 summons.

    spitting on a cop car is also illegal.