Out of Print Mag: Tom LaMarche Interview Apr 19, 2010

Photo by Jessop Kozink

There are moments in time when someone truly legitimizes the whole Fixed Freestyle movement. With 26″ fixed coming on strong, it’s easy to get swept up in the hype around switching to smaller wheels. Then you see someone like Tom do shit like this. A masssive hop on his 700c Fixed with 2″ 29’r tires. Look at how fucking tucked he is! That’s gotta be the highest hop on a fixed gear to date. He even hops a rail from flat! That angle doesn’t show the height as well as other pics I’ve seen but still. It’s over bar height on a BMX. Now see what I was talking about in Nasty’s post?

The real subject behind this entry is an interview Tom has up on Out of Print Mag. It’s really informative and worth the read so check it out! Also be sure to peep the gallery page. I’ll figure out what their doing with the other photos Tom sent me and maybe I’ll post them later. I’m telling you, that rail is high as fuck!

  • aj

    tom lamarche always with the real talk.

  • hmmm

    hmmmm.. Tom is into graffiti, what does he write?

  • R.Frog

    Super tucked! Nice legs hahaha

  • guy holding his nuts in the background really makes the shot.

  • Yep

    What does he write? You don’t know much about grafitti do you? Not really smart to post that up on a well travelled blog. Not being a dick, just saying

  • charles schoen

    ahaha…. Yep

  • RyanK

    “700c Fixed with 2″ 29’r tires”, No Entiendo…is Tom riding 700c wheels? 29″ wheels? 700c wheels w 29″ Tires somehow…im so confused…where am i?

  • dawson

    Herra tuckeddd doo! lol clean..

  • 29r = 700c.


  • ez

    29″ tires are the same size as 700c, rim wise. (622 ISO is the rim’s actual designation.) I think MTB marketing folks didn’t want to confuse people, so 29er is the parlance for MTB, but those tires will fit on your (probably too narrow, but otherwise correctly sized) 700c rims.

  • would love to see some detail shots/bike check. tom knows whats up. rippin.

  • Daaang, dude’s got a case of the rabbits! How does the sky taste?! Those legs are lookin pretty gnarly, too, wonder if Tom’s ever thought about racing?

  • FAKE.

  • matts

    broad and springgarden?