NYPD Seen Confiscating Bikes Along Obama Motorcade Route Apr 22, 2010

Photo by Anthony Rebholz

This is why NYC shouldn’t have made it to that top 10 spot in Bicycling Magazine’s list of the top cycling-friendly cities in the US. The good ol’ NYPD was seen confiscating bikes along the Obama administation’s motorcade route this morning. No notices were given, no warnings administered either. They just rolled in and scooped up people’s commuters and work bikes. ThisIsFYF was the first one out with the story but you can also head over to Gothamist and enjoy the shit-show in the comments.

Bicycling Magazine: America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities

  • Bullshit!

  • I’m kind of nauseated by this. Granted, I can imagine scenarios where the city isn’t given much advance warning of the motorcade route and has to act, in some way or another, to secure it at the last minute. However, what that has to do with commuter bikes? I don’t get it.

  • Andrew

    Barack Obama doesn’t care about bike people.

  • blair

    if they’re so concerned that the bikes are “secret pipe bombs,” then why are they wearing windbreakers instead of full fucking hurt locker gear?

  • aj

    should’ve voted McCain i guess

  • RR

    how are they getting them backed ? precinct? fucked up

  • D

    I can’t even believe this. Our government is becoming more controlling every day, and stuff like this is seen as acceptable to the powers that be. Pretty disturbing.

  • i’m pretty sure its just NYC not caring about bike people not the president

  • How will they know who owns what bike? And will they be reimbursed for a lock? Surely the nypd is now just as bad as the people they lock up for the same crime?

  • Drach

    Ironic.. Obama is there for a speech about Earth Day and they’re taking probably the most Earth Friendly way of getting around in NYC. (besides walking.. who wants to do that)

  • Boooooooo!

  • anyonymous

    nigga stole my bike!

  • Joe

    That is just wrong! and someone needs to wake up aka

  • Gordon

    “No State shall…; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or PROPERTY, without due process of law.”

    Constitution says it: this is simply illegal.

  • Craig

    Where’s “Don’t steal bikes, bro” when you need him? The fuck.

  • wade
  • pushakey

    so u condone semi racist comments but u omit mine? i like ur site dude, and i frequent it cuz its a cool site, and ive been riding a track bike for over 12 years, so i enjoy the content u provide, but dont be a pussy.

  • ? I didn’t see your other comment and I certainly didn’t notice the “nigga”. I’ve been approving comments via my iPhone and it’s harder to read each one before publishing it. Ease up on calling me a pussy too man.

  • pushakey

    i dig, pardon my loose use of the p word

  • Edward Scoble

    I don’t think the government is being very controlling, nor Obama hate cyclist, frankly I feel this is a typical case of “bicycle for kids” view.

    they’re viewed as an unimportant mode of transport that only cost $200 (in their mind), just junk that people can easily buy another day, which is missing the point.

  • Looks like things we see here in Brazil: pushing the dirt under the carpet. When the Mr. President go away things return to normal.