Jacobs Green: The Zaftig Cargo Fork Apr 26, 2010

Who wants a aheadset-loading basket with weight limits when you can just go full-blown cargo bike on your old beater? That’s what I’m talking about. This looks so rad! “The Zaftig” is Jacobs Green’s new cargo fork that replaces your stock fork and allows you to run a 20″ wheel in front. If you’re confused as to what the end product looks like, check out this photo.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Zaftig is our signature offering, a fork/rack combo that can transform nearly any bike into a serious cargo moving machine. Designed for a standard 20″ (406mm) BMX front wheel, the Zaftig utilizes a triple tree design allowing the fork to be adjusted to fit your frame geometry with nothing more than a 5mm allen key. The Zaftig has 45mm of rake, but with the adjustable design you can fine tune your fork to work on just about any frame. After adjusting to fit your bike, you just cut off the extra and cap the ends with the included rubber plugs.

1″ steerer and 1 1/8″ are available, along with custom disk brake mounts. The Zaftig kit starts at $200. Grab one here!

Thanks for the heads up Jason!

  • g

    Why are the disc tabs on the opposite side?

  • Blake!

    This guy from Richmond?

  • That is def. Richmond…I ride that jawn to work everyday…must be a photo from slaughterama.

  • the photo is backwards, the disc tab is on the correct side.

    that photo was taken in richmond, the forks and i live in boston though.

  • Can we do this to a Boxxer? Might as well have some plush to go with that cooler? Great idea.