iMiNUSD for Cinelli MASH Apr 26, 2010

To help promote the new colorway for the 2010 Cinelli MASH frameset, Cinelli and MASH looked to iMINUSD to build one up proper. Mark from iMINUSD emailed me some photos of the build, along with a build list.

Check the rest out below!

What a ride! Check out a full write-up over at the iMINUSD blog!

Frame: Cinelli MASH Green
Fork: Cinelli
Crankset: Campagnolo Record Pista – Tomity-San‘s Tufram Sugino Zen
Cog & Chain: Phil 17T – Izumi Super V
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Evolution
Stem: Nitto CT-80
Seatpost: Thomson
Wheelset: iD42 Polished – Campagnolo Record Pista
Pedalset: Speedplay
Tires: Continental GatorHardshell

  • Rickey Butler

    Why is the rear wheel laced differently on both sides?

  • LG

    I built up a wheelset with the low flange campy track hubs for my Mash, but was totally sketched out with how few threads I was able to get engaged on the nuts due to how short the axles are. Check that second detail shot with the rear hub showing…

    I talked to a campy rep and he said they spec their axles for steel frames, not the thicker reinforced alu ones like the Mash. The front hub was not as big an issue, but I’d be freaked out running that rear with only a few threads

  • mike

    extremely sexy… just needs some bar tape!

  • LG

    Rickey, rear wheels can be built up radial on the non drive side as long as they are crossed on the drive side where the torque is…

    BUT, campy low flange track hubs should not be radial laced because the holes are too close together (at least according to the instructions they come with)

  • Rickey Butler

    Thanks LG!

  • knarg

    saving weight in one of the worst places to save it–the saddle, and adding weight in the best place to save it–the rims! great job to this bro!

    why not a deep carbon rim with a traditional lacing? and if that’s out of the price range (which the 125g carbon SLR seems to suggest it isn’t), then use Open Pro’s.

    oh how this makes me cringe…

  • yep

    I like the geometry on this bike a lot…but the seat stem and bars ruin this build for me

  • Craig

    That is a BA build, but I expected something like a Shamal or carbon rim on the front, the high spoke count just ruins it for me.

    I think this might be the upgrade I’ve been looking at for RGBike.

  • Vinyl

    Still to see a Mash built up nicely – this build is all over the place.

  • newman


  • Rear wheel fail

  • Rhys

    Another bike built by (I don’t even know who these people are) that sounds great when you’re talking about it, and probably also looks good on paper, but when it is all said and done it turns out pretty horrible.
    Heavy as shit rims and a tiny weight savign saddle?!
    Speedplay pedals instead of time atac?!
    radial laced on one side of the rear wheel is the worst idea ever. its hard to true, it looks horrible and makes the wheel alot weaker than it needs to be, especially for a ‘street’ track bike.
    Give me their budget and I could build a much better looking and USABLE!!! bike.