Copenhagen Parts: Bike Porter Apr 14, 2010

A few of you may have seen this before. It’s an integrated bar and rack system from Copenhagen Parts. Dubbed the Bike Porter, this new basket / bar system requires the use of a stem with a removable faceplate and comes in 6 colors. Check out more details at Copenhagen Parts.

  • That entry was when it was just an ID project and a prototype. Now there’s a company backing it with a name and a dollar amount associated with it.


  • C

    it’ll only be really useful if there’s some sort of lower support. too much weight is going to roll the bars in the stem clamp

  • dp

    I dig it.

  • “…a recommended limit of 15kg.”

  • yammy

    it’s a concept a lot of riders I think have been looking for, however, I don’t know if they truly have solved the functionality of the concept just yet. It’s true how do you estimate your carrying 15kg….? Many people forget about weight altogether and just stack it with however much they have, hoping it will survive the journey…I think it needs more thought in terms of usability and safety as a designed product…Great start of a product though..

  • Doug

    It would be easy to have this attach to the fork bridge. But then it wouldn’t look as cool.

    As it stands, it is impossible to treat this as a serious load-carrying device. Who cares that they state a 15kg limit, I wouldn’t want to use it.

    Want a real load-carrying device? Get a small Nitto front rack and then affix a basket to that. That is a better solution since you can use any handlebar you want and the load is kept lower and closer to the head-tube for better handling.

    But again, it just doesn’t LOOK as good!

  • Front racks usually ride like crap too. Rear racks are where it’s at.

  • C.

    Just what I was waiting for. $220 USD plus shipping? Someone please make this for a quill stem and not stupid expensive.

  • Terry B

    SO TIGHT!!!! I want!

  • DM

    A really neat idea, but… Engineer says: “FAIL!”.

    Attaching large load via an aluminium stem? With aluminium faceplate? Held on by 4 stem bolts?

    Totally different stresses than a stem is designed for. There are reasons that traditional bar-bags are small and only put limited weight up at that point.

    Should have attached it lower; through the fork crown, which is designed to take those loads. Or, best = a fixed (non-turning) rack attached through the headtube, like the excellent Brompton system.

    But hey, it combines the look of fixie-freestyle bars with that of a Porteur rack… so it wll probably sell by the bucket-load. :)

    Sorry to be negative, but there are already better-handling, safer solutions to this.

  • evan

    loads are way too high with this thing and handling will really suffer. highest i will carry anything is right above the wheel (on top of a front/rear rack), but that’s just light jackets and the occasional small sleeping bag on camping trips. anything heavier goes in panniers on the rear rack.

    i guess it’s for style, but even so it really doesn’t look as good as a VO rack or nitto m12 w/ a basket. all that clearance above the wheel is just useless space which isn’t good functionally and also looks weird and ill-fitted from an aesthetic perspective.

    or maybe i’m just an a$$hole.

  • Pantsy

    I don’t like how the railing would restrict anything larger than 50×40 from spilling over the edges of the platform. There’s no need for the railing anyway as you’d be smart to bungee your cargo down, and for $220 I would expect to be able to carry something larger than a bankers box.

  • Anyone know what bike is in the photo?

  • Edward Scoble

    That’s going to flex like hell, a frame mounted rack is the best way to go if your fork is made of carbon and rather not risk it, here’s an example for you to have a butcher;

    the best thing about it? you can easily removed it if you don’t need it, and doesn’t cost much, it’s actually a common sight when I was in Amsterdam.

  • Robot

    I love the look of this thing. . . it’d be the perfect addition to my riser bar single-speed cross bike come commuter (read: yuppie bike).

    However, but as an engineer I too am skeptical of the safety of the rack given the stresses involved under practical use (which is to say exceeding the ~33lb load limit, shock stresses, etc). Misuse / abuse of their rack isn’t the fault of the manufacturer, but a licensed engineer must consider such possibilities and include an appropriate safety margin. Speaking as an engineer who has to think about those things, the method of attachment makes me uncomfortable.

    To be fair, I am sure Copenhagen Parts has done their homework (think: liability), and factored in what they feel to be an appropriate safety margin yielding a 15kg load limit. Also, it is gorgeous, and I’m still considering getting one. Seriously. But where?


  • Sparrow

    The bike porter is going to be available in the U.S. mid summer (July). It is being distributed in SoCal and Colorado to begin.

    Colorado will have several retail shops that carry it. Not available online.

    It will retail for approximately $225 in CO. Not sure what they are selling it for in SoCal.