Campagnolo Triomphe Group Apr 11, 2010

I just love it when Andy at Fyxomatosis shoots me emails with gems like this attached. Knowing him, he’s probably working on another restoration project for a friend and will tease me for weeks about the build until it’s completed. This Campagnolo Triomphe group looks to be in great shape and I’m sure it’ll build up nicely. If reading up about vintage Campagnolo componentry is your thing, head over to Campy Only and check out this issue of Record News, which discusses the Triomphe Group, amongst other news from the era.

  • J


  • Rodrigo

    116 bcd makes this awesome. I’ve got this group on an older Trek 400 that was given to me for free, but it’s nowhere near this beautifully polished.
    I shudder at the thought of trying to source a take-off group, let alone NOS.
    Why no chainrings ?

  • Kanon08