Brooklyn Machine Works: Fast Holding Straps Apr 12, 2010

When I was in Brooklyn Machine Works last week taking photos, Joe showed me their newest creation. Fast Holding Straps were developed with their sponsored rider, Austin Horse on the streets of Brooklyn and beyond. The design is simple and timeless, allowing the rider to adjust the fit as necessary without stopping their bike.

Be on the lookout for these shortly!

  • Vandenberg

    Would’ve been better on April Fool’s Day imho…

    But what a great idea !!!!11!!

  • Honest Guy


  • christian

    yeah, april fools day for sure.
    like the buckle idea, but agree seems a bit bulky. esp if you were planning on doing tricks on your bike.

    wait is that for real? or is it to sideline all the copy cats?

  • eden

    looks like it hurts! but good try :)

  • haha.

  • scissorneck

    im going to say no to this one

  • charles schoen

    is this a joke?