A Pleasure Meeting You Leonard Apr 9, 2010

Leonard Hilton McGurr is better known as his pen name Futura 2000. After many emails back and forth, he invited me to come by and meet him today. For thirty minutes, he told me stories of cycling in NYC, his experiences with the Tour and his various efforts he’s currently involved with. Leonard’s one of those people who you could sit back and listen to for hours. He has so many stories to tell and it’s very inspirational to hear how much cycling has influenced his life.

Hopefully the two of us will sit down in the near future for a little interview. He’s got some interesting cycling material around that I’m sure everyone will want to see. For inspirational photos, be sure to follow his Flickr account.

Thanks again for everything!

  • I’ve been wanting to meet him for the longest time. Stoked for you. I’d like to see that interview…shot on a T1i!

  • take him a 6er of coke. glass bottles. thats his drink.

  • thank you sir. a pleasure I’m quite sure.

  • I had the pleasure of spending some time with him in ’08, while he was painting a big ass canvas for Concepts. One of the most laid back, humble and kind dudes given his track record – watching him paint the canvas late night was unreal, he hooked up a few pages in a sketch book for me, and dude even had me try his steak when we were out to eat. get that interview!

  • MR. ZACH . . . you’re making me blushing. one thing that MR. PROLLY (forgot?) to mention was that the purpose of our meeting was to hook him up with one of those FUTURA X DESCENTE jackets. quite sure it’s got the REFLECTIVE piping and DROPDOWN pockets. SCHWINN! I think he got the OLIVE flavor . . . who was also a childhood SWEETHEART.

  • Yes. The Jacket is very nice! Many thanks! I didn’t wanna rub it in to everyone else!


  • You’ve done some cool things and been to some cool places, but meeting Futura is the only thing I’m genuinely jealous of Mr Prolly!

    Ever since the Mo Wax stuff I’ve been hyped, and the day my girl bought me the futura book (complete with stickers) I’ve been a sucker. Can’t wait for the interview!