Zlog Crew: Tyler Johnson 180 Mar 1, 2010

Photo by Zach Hoffner

Great shot Zach!

Zach’s been out shooting with the Zlog crew a lot lately and from the looks of this photo, also working on another edit. Here’s my favorite from the set; Tyler Johnson about to lift off from a 180 off a ledge. Great lighting man. Can’t wait to see this edit, the last one was a gang banger fest. Wait, what?

Zlog Crew: Wham!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This was coming out of a wheelie. I never noticed how much your body has to turn to really get those 180s out until I saw this photo. Plus zach has been killing it with the camera lately.

    Anywho Have fun in Japan Prolly

  • los!

    pretty sick. basically looks like a turndown!

  • Will

    Is this photo taken in Seattle? If so, Gasworks park is one of the most beautiful spots in the country- done quite a bit of riding there myself.