Traif Bike Gesheft’s 24-Hour Bike Shop Vending Machine Mar 26, 2010

Photo by Colin Moynihan for The New York Times

I’ve always said someone needs to do this. Traif Bike Gesheft, a new bike shop in Williamsburg, took the initiative to place a 24-hour access vending machine for cyclists outside their shop. “Traif Bike Gesheft” is Yiddish for “non-kosher bike shop” and that’s the truth! Read up on the shop here, at the NYTimes City Room.

  • Vas

    wow! that is amazing. good location too.

  • blair

    there’s one of those across the GGB in sausalito — been there for years. SUCH a kickass idea — you can get tubes, batteries, tire levers, whatever you may have forgotten.

  • red

    trek put a few of these up a few years ago aswell.

  • We have been kicking this idea around for a long time, good to see it might be viable.

  • I like how he mentions in the article that he has considered locking up used bikes near the vending machine and selling the key to the cheap bike within the machine for a price. That shop definitely thinking ahead of the curve.

  • Terry B

    I was just out there a couple days ago at the bar next door to it. Ferrer got a free cell phone from that shit then some dude on the roof turned the machine off and covered it. Clever idea!

  • matthew

    That phone was a gift. The machine is working a bit better this week stop by.