Trackosaurus Rex: Save the Track Bike Buttons Mar 4, 2010

This button can take on multiple meanings. At first when Kyle gave me one, I thought he was bashing on 700cmx, but then after talking about it, he said it was more broad than that. Really clever design which was actually flipped from the fashion industry!

Grab one here!

  • Jimmy

    SAVE THE TRACK!!….. Ride it at the track!

  • Jarshy

    and to think all the fixed gear kids use to give me dirty looks for riding my road bike around…

  • Ryan

    To be honest I don’t understand any of the meanings…

  • Marty

    The track bike doesn’t need to be saved. Form the next phenom.

  • Ribs

    I’m with Ryan; I’m afraid I’m not catching any broader message.

  • Ryan

    Perhaps they should make buttons that just say “Foot in Mouth”

    This comes off as whining about the fact that you can only blog about bombing hills every once in a while. Kyle’s afraid the bike blogosphere is oversaturated with tricks and such. Maybe this is one of those better left unsaid kind of things. Although of course just my opinion.

    Sadly, yet appropriately, this may be the straw that broke the camels back, in terms of incessantly seeking bike information. Something about this whole thing makes me feel sleezy just looking at it.