Puma: Cycling to Mars Mar 9, 2010

When I first moved to NYC back in 2004, I remember hearing about a Puma cycling team comprised entirely of bicycle messengers. There was also that Puma Guide to Cycling in the City zine that was floating around. Bottom line is this, Puma, in one way or another, has been dialed into the urban cycling in NYC for some time now, even if they weren’t constantly in the limelight.

Enter the “Cycling to Mars” cycling sneakers. The shoes have a stiff sole and outsole, reflective accents and hideaway laces. They colorway chosen for the initial pair is a bit odd, but I’m sure people will still pull it off. If they were monochromatic or more subtle, I’d try them out. It’s always interesting to see larger companies takes on cycling sneakers. So far, Nike’s City Tiempo has my vote!

The Puma “Cycling to Mars” sneakers are now available at select stockists. Anyone know the retail?

Via Hypebeast

  • ooooh i’d rock these!

  • Bozo

    Clown shoes are awesome.

  • Puma concept store on 14th St. & 10th Ave. would be the first place I’d check in NY.

  • alejandro

    any idea where i can get in Chicago? i cant find any info online. thanks dude.

  • I’m guessing a Puma store? Or maybe at a Barney’s-esque retailer like Nordstrom? Retail will be around $100…

  • Gordon

    To be honest, I think they’re just sooo ugly. Hopefully Puma is smart enough to sell other colorways haha…

  • I like how they’ve incorporated a faded/deteriorated colorway, just like how a regular pair of shoes would look after being ridden around in rain, hail, snow or shine. Kind of what a real messenger does.

  • mars blackmon

    love the colorway

  • alejandro

    someone please say colorway one more time. hahahaha!
    thanks for the heads up man. gonna go to some spots today and hunt em down.

  • yammy

    Well the release on these after some digging has shown up to start in Japan…So that is what I can tell for now. As far as different color concepts I think there is only going to be one more….The initial release was featured in the Japanese press which I am lucky enough to get daily since I live in Japan, which explains why it wasn’t so hard for me to find information. I do believe however that New York will have something happening soon..I think a press party? I will have to talk to another designer I know who works @ puma to find out.

    For now the only fact is that it that Japan had the initial release. Hypebeast was second.

  • yammy


    The release was Taiwan. The price will be somewhere around $100.00 ~ $130.00 USD.

  • alejandro

    thanks for the info yammy. ive been going to stores and calling around and no luck. guess after reading your post makes sense. keep us updated. i def want to sport these asap.

  • mirkurshidali

    is it a cycling shoe or lifestyle shoes


  • ronak

    Where can I get this shoes if anybody knows let me know