Matt Lingo: Kareem Downtown Mar 24, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo went out riding with Kareem and got some pretty nice photos. I liked this one the best because that shit ain’t easy. Kateem, did you pull that off? Killer man!

  • blair

    whoa. he’s doing a blunt/abubaca on a 700cmx? that’s fucking impressive.

  • j

    please tell what kind of spokes those are.

  • blockedintersection

    nicely nicely kreemy… can’t wait to see dp2..

  • I sure hope he pulled it off, or the photo shouldn’t be published! I love the squished tire… wonder what pressure he’s running.

  • gus

    its sad that spot is fucked up now.

  • How’s it fucked? Did Kareem bend the rail?


  • The spokes are just velocity straight gauge spokes laced to a 36h chukker 3x. I’ve trued those wheels a hundred times.

  • the rail used to not be there, they put it up to stop people from riding it. it was a good bank to shoot at. we did tyler johnson’s shots for the Leader booth at Interbike there.

  • RIP ASH ST. BANKS. although that spot is kind of fun now.kareem got all types of nasty on it.