Greg Falski: Chris Delia Offroad Fixed Mar 27, 2010

Photo by Greg Falski

There’s nothing like getting muddy on a bike. Greg Falski just uploaded a few shots of some local guys riding fixed offroad. Here’s Chris Delia catching some air. Check out more at Greg’s Flickr.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    1. That link is NSFW

    2. This is how you do real fixed off-road:

  • Gordon

    That photo’s siiick. But brakeless DH’ing on a fixed gear with only feetbelts? Dangerous…

  • im into this

  • Vas

    prolly, when are you gona come dirtjumpin w us?

  • Eilif Knutson

    Dirt jumping is so fun! Been hanging out at the old Bmx track thats been converted into a dirt jump circuit. Cleared an 8 foot double the other day! The guys on their real dirt jumping bikes think its a riot. Funny thing was i was learning how to do it from a 15 year old on his beat up magna :(