Wrahw Interview: Gus Molina Feb 18, 2010

Photo by Soybean Dave

Torey interviewed Gus Molina for his blog Wrahw. Check it out. Some good bits in there. Gus talks about what got him into riding a 700c bike from bmx, the Revoked project and pegs on fixed gears. Gus is one of my favorite riders and his recent Wrahw edit shows why. Good job dudes!

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  • yawn

    more self-jocking.

    “I felt that you were not getting as much recognition as you deserved, and, your riding fits into the shreddy aesthetic that WRAHW is all about, so I added you to the Blood Fam. Although its all new, how does it feel to be a part of a family of dudes who are super sick, so far!? Are you excited about the near future?”

    is this a real question or a rhetorical one. how does it feel to be a part of my blogspot?

  • dan halen

    the article should’ve been called, “aren’t you excited that we think you’re cool?”

  • They’re stoked. No big deal. Lettem be.