Vintage Drillium Colnago Cinelli 1R Stem Feb 4, 2010

It’s so pretty though!

Mark this under the “will go for a boatload” category.

Pantographed stems usually fetch a good amount of money on eBay and of course, Colnago pantographed stems usually fetch even more. Now, a custom-drillium Cinelli 1R stem will fetch a cool $200 at least. The only thing (structural F41L aside) this has going against itself is the crappy barclamp mechanism that Cinelli designed for the 1R stem. Those wedges are notorious for splitting and most bars from that era will slip in the clamp.

Oh well, let’s watch this and see how high it goes. It’s a really gorgeous piece of forged aluminum.

  • wilis

    This stem makes me want to buy a Colnago just to put it on! Good find!

  • jeffrey rumbold

    Howdy there!

    I will also be interested in seeing what it fetches; I modded it, after all. And you are correct – that alloy wedge has a tendency to split right down the middle of the serrations (good for me I have a few spares). I made sure I had a good one in this before I listed.

    I did this for a 1974 Super project, but I want to ride the bike and this flexed too much on my short shakedown ride. Hence I listed it for sale. I have never done a stem before, so I haven’t a clue what it will sell for. I am hoping for around a hundred bux, but I never know when I list some of my drillium. I let the buyers decide!

    Thanks for the feature – I always enjoy trolling through your stuff!