Tom’s London Updates Feb 9, 2010

Tom’s Charge ( @chargebikes ) Scissor – look at that front tire!

Tom and Tony are over in London for the Shop 14 one-year anniversary party. While they’re there, Tom will be updating his Charge Blog daily. He’s also uploading a bunch of photos from the trip to his Flickr, so be sure to check that too. There are some fucking gems in there. Trust me.

Great shots Tom, have fun on the trip guys!

Tom and Tony Across the Pond
14 Bike Co: 1 Year Anniversary Party

  • Aren

    Jesus that is massive.

  • Jacob

    What size is that front tire?

  • 2″ 29’r tire if I’m not mistaken.

  • mikebarry

    okay i need to know i tried to put a 700 by 42c tire and it rubs the top of my fork and i want to go bigger but not run 26er what can i do i can fit a 50c in the back but i hate hotrodding

  • flatty

    Looks cool, very 80’s BMX cruiser.