Sleeved Cyclists Feb 10, 2010

Photo by 333®

Photo by 333®

I came across 333®’s Flickr Stream tonight and just had to post these two shots. Two cyclists, each with full sleeves and sexy-ass bikes; both with a completely different intention. One’s a titanium, SRAM-Red equipped race bike and the other’s a vintage Italian track bike. Fetishes from two different eras.

I always feel a bit creepy flipping through someone’s photos, but then I realize, it’s the internet. Anyway, some of the commentary on other photos in 333®’s stream made me laugh enough to post these photos.

  • is it bad that i’m more attracted to the ti roadie with sensibly alloy seatpost & cockpit, and crabon where it matters? or did i just anthropomorphize a bike?

  • Jin


  • Jonny

    What is it with not painting titanium bikes? The plain tubing just doesn’t look exciting at all I’m afraid.

  • It’s so you can see it’s Ti…


    That, in it’s own right, is exciting enough.

  • danny

    That’s truly a beautiful ti bicycle. And most likely the first moots build I’ve actually liked.

  • That MOOTS is beautiful!

  • Wilis

    I need to get that daccordi for Mary!