Purging Parts Feb 3, 2010

Campagnolo inch pitch – aka “skip tooth” drivetrain

Like most people who have a fetish for vintage Italian steel and alloy, I tend to buy components as I come across them. You always think to yourself “One day I’ll have a build project and I’ll need this”. Well, parts start to add up and consume your home; every once and while, you have to purge. In NYC, apartments, and budgets for that matter, are small. The last thing you want is to look like a Hoarder.

There’s more below, so read on…

Cinelli steel track stem 120mm

These are a few things I’m parting ways with. I guess I just wanted a record of all the lovely parts I’ve collected. They’re already going to a new home, so don’t bother asking if I’m selling them. Sorry! I’ll continue to Tweet some deals and maybe you can catch one.

Things still needing to go:

-Mavic Pursuit bars 42cm
-Cinelli 1a and 2a stems in 100mm, 110mm, 120mm black and silver (some polished)
-Cinelli Pista bars (old crest) with a polished clamp.
-Cinelli Priest bars
-Numerous old Campagnolo seat posts
-Yellow Concor saddle – worn in, but still classy
-Some Super Record Pista pedals
-Cinelli Unicanitor saddles

Keep an eye out on my Twitter and here for random sales that will pop up.

  • You link the weirdest shit to your posts… I love it.

  • How much for a 100mm 2a stem?

  • How much are you looking for with those priest bars? i’ve been trying to find a pair of those for a while

  • Carter

    And for those without a twitter how do we get action?

  • I’ll post some parts on here. Maybe I’ll just make a separate page for all this stuff. Normally, I’d rather sell local, but I don’t think the demand is as high here as it is elsewhere.

  • hey john, interested in the pista bars, mavic pursuit, possibly the record pista pedals, can you email some pics? thanks!

  • cekte

    How much for the yellow Concor? Any more info on the unicantors?

  • wilis

    I’ll buy the pedals today at peel if ya still have em. Damn dude kinda sucks to see you part with this stuff. Was hoping to see a frejus in the stable with this stuff on it. I understand though, I am purging bike parts as well.