Paper Labels: Independent Fabrication, Bodega and Bailey Works Feb 5, 2010

quack quack

Now this is nice! Independent Fabrication just posted some more information on their collaborative effort between Boston’s Bodega and Portsmouth’s Bailey Works. The project is entitled Paper Labels and everything looks great! I’m not going to go into the details and background of this project because you should head to the IF blog to read that!

I want that Duck Hunter. Damn!

Independent Fabrication: Duck Hunter and Mellow Fellow

  • TOM

    Fuck this looks sick.

  • Ray

    Too bad they screwed up the fender line for the shoot. Saddle angle with that bar height is suspect too. Rotated the wheels, though.

    Custom ought to have a little more time with the stylist before the photo session.

    So maybe I’m envious, sure.
    And I like the decals.
    What would Yehuda Moon think?

  • Actually, if you’re supposed to ride your brooks at that angle. You know was well as I do that those fenders are impossible to align.


  • ross

    bike looks real good. but all-city cranks on that though? for real? give me some class or give me death.