NOS Eddy Merckx Adidas Cycling Shoes Feb 2, 2010

Unfortunately, these came a day late for Merckx Mondays but I’ll post them anyway. I won a pair of Eddy Merckx Adidas cycling shoes off eBay a few weeks ago. Finally, after dealing with a tough work schedule, I was able to pick them up from the post office. I’ve been scouring the internet and bike shops for a pair for years. Usually they come up in the later models from the 80’s colorways. Never with the old cleat style.

Adidas made these particular models in 1974 if I’m not mistaken; I’ve looked everywhere on the shoes and the box for a date mark for some indication. Check out some more photos below.

The shoes and the box are in amazing condition for being 30 years old.

Still with the tags!

No, really. Brand new.

The cleats don’t even show wear. I’m so stoked on these. Definitely the best eBay purchase I’ve made in a while.

My plan is to take more detailed shots in a photo booth and post them at a later date. I’ve never seen documented images of these on the internet and I’d like them to be legit, hence the lack of full-shoe photos. Why won’t Adidas re-issue these? Or something similar. Maybe they are, who knows…

  • rad find! i was just reading this article about the 2010 tour de france honoring eddy with belgian stages.

  • jose

    I have a simular set of Eddy Merckx Adidas shoes, no box and not Nos, but nice shoes …. photo

  • I love the red accents…looks dope.

  • danny

    Do you intend on riding in these? I’d be interesting to see an spd conversion. Good find on those!

  • Curiosity

    Care to share the winning bid price?

  • One… Hundred… BILLION DOLLARS!

  • NO MAN. Only half that.

  • JLN

    Seriously, why doesn’t adidas quick f-ing around with Sambas in ugly colours and release them in the same colourway as these. Like a Merckx tribute Samba to be ridden in clips and straps.

    I’m pretty sure they’d sell well.

  • even at One… Hundred… BILLION DOLLARS!

  • Andey

    How good are the box graphics..?? Amazing find.

  • Dave

    Adidas made a mtb clipless she that was sort of similar. It was all mesh though, no leather.. Ive got a set and they are nice.. they are cyclones I think? I know these are made for clips/straps but the cyclones sort of remind me of these.

  • I got also one pair of those. One thing on my shoes is better than your, I can use mine ;) I heard that mine pair was bought at 1974.


  • dpow

    +1 to JLN’s comment. these look pretty sweet. the new sambas are meh at best. these would look good on and off the bike.

  • Haha, i’ve also got a NOS pair (unfortunately not my size though) But they are a bit older than yours.. Box is the same though, i’ll send you some picutures!

  • Hizza

    I’ve got a pair in the red/silver/blue (same as the new sneaker) that i ride. I didn’t even know they were the Merckx model shoe, i only bought em coz they were $12 and i wanted to try riding with clip ins.

  • Milton

    There is a company in Santa Cruz that takes regular street shoes and converts them into cycling shoes:

  • I think they are much later than ’74, they only had nail on cleats then. If I’m not mistaken, Puma came out with the first premounted cleat.
    What size are they? 47?

  • Davis

    The first shoes I ever bought. I rode them for years – they fit perfectly – did the LOOK pedal conversion myself right when clipless came out. Still have ’em hangin’ in my shop. A reminder of the days when the best stuff was made by hand, with pride and craftmanship.

  • mike C

    The shoes with the white and red stripes are from the mid 1980s and later. Earlier ones had white only stripes.

    The very early shoes were all leather and had the stripes by the ankles.

  • jhurley

    Mine have leather covers over the laces, held down by velcro on each side. I suppose this makes for easier entry into the toe clip. I wish they still made ’em. They are more comfortable than my Sidis.

  • CRL

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  • Lee Brown

    The shoes are from 86 not 74. I still use a pair i bought new in 87.