Leader Hacked? Feb 16, 2010

So I just went to hop onto Leader‘s site to see if anything’s going on with the New Bike for a New Year Contest and this is what I saw.


  • funkadrome

    I guess I spotted it first, according to my tweet: http://twitter.com/funkadrome/status/9180970441

  • LuLz at the “first” game.

  • So whats the point of this hacking? I know its an ignorant question, but seriously, of all the websites on the internet Leaders? Why not make the Specialized site redirect everyone to Giant. That would be funny

  • $$$$$$ They took it over and now Leader pays them to get it back.

  • The music they placed on the site is so annoyingly dramatic.

  • aka AWESOME

  • Maple

    Fuck Leader this is Karma…

  • Hacked by TREX? You mean to say Tracko’s behind all this? :-p

  • DustyGorilla


  • I’ve never seen anything like this; im still shocked. Wait, so Leader has to pay to get it back? Why cant they contact someone and just dime these dudes out?

  • red

    they can. they prolly just called their host and had them bring in the backups.

  • tyler johnson


    The leader bike store is still functional.


  • flatty

    Just punks who found a hole in the webserver. Not like they can hold it for ransom.

  • yes, we got hacked, it was an exploit in WordPress, we where not a specfic target, but the server we host on was hit by the hackers, they found every blog w/ the same exploit and attacked it.

    NO we dont have to pay money to get it back, I just had to delete 1 file to remove the hack.

    the store is still 100% functional, its hosted on another server, and has no WordPress database.

  • I say they go in and just take it and take it back


  • The site is back up and running now. Like I said, easy fix.


    we took it back w/ force matt lingo.

  • Ben

    Damn you, Floyd Landis!!! (shakes fist)

  • Hahaha

  • kile

    ahahahahhahah at floyd landis!!!

  • Chicken Strip at it again???