IRD Retro Track Crankset Feb 15, 2010

Interloc Racing Design, or IRD has designed and fabricated a new 144bcd track crank that looks a lot like the old Campagnolo Pista cranks. They changed one crucial thing though; the taper. The IRD cranks are JIS taper; a taper with far more inexpensive bottom bracket options and at a MSRP of $160, that puts these cranks in a really accessible pricepoint. Cold-forged and CNC machine out of 7070-T6 alloy, they’re plenty strong for street use.

Bringing back retro stylings should be on the tables for Campagnolo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’re willing to address that market. In the meanwhile, some will hunt for the originals and some will buy the imitations.

These cranks are coming into Superbe Bicycle in Boston. Call the shop up to reserve a pair or call your LBS and order a set through them. If the cranks are that inexpensive, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t support your LBS!

Origin 8 Classic Chainring
The Hunt

  • Wow, good reporting. I’ve been looking in the Merry Sales catalog all week and I missed those completely. Maybe I’ll get a set for one of these stock frames I’m building…

  • Luke
  • J

    They are just… but isnt everything?

  • jeff

    oh man I cant tell you how stoked I am about these. I was getting kinda tired of losing ebay auctions on nos track and bmx cranks.

  • What was old is new again…

  • Luke, thats what makes them affordable. If campy made them now they would be $500…

  • Oh yeah, Bicycle Revolutions got them in last week!

  • WTF = FTW

    Has anyone actually handled these to see if they smoothed out the famously sharp section between the arm and the spider that used to always crack on the campy design if you didn’t file it out?

  • andrew

    I had the capagnolo pistas a few years back on a complete bike I picked up for 200 bones. sold it back to the old fellow for the same price the following year. I can believe how much they are selling for on eBay. someone once said “when things become useless they become art”. nice looking set though.

  • IRD

    Luke: Just to set the record straight, this is not a case of American brand just picking something up from some Taiwan factory’s inventory. We had been working with Andel on a Campy Strada-esque crank in 110BCD way back in 2007. After several counter drawings, for a reason we’ll keep to ourselves, we pulled the plug on the project. They decided to do it themselves in 2009 as a 144bcd, but seriously what they showed us at the ’09 Taipei Show was not ready for primetime. We added flutes to the spider and dumped the chainring they were using. And asked for better polishing. But it is still Andel’s forging, thus they have the right to have it in their line as well. And we are cool with that.

  • Fivel Nitrate

    Picked these up from Superb the other day. So glad they had them. Love em!

  • Sancho

    I wish IRD would reissue their old style seatposts.

  • Violet

    Continuum Cycles in NYC has them in right now. They’re beautiful.

  • turtle

    Really? And they didn’t make one for the road (read: real) cyclists? Lame. Missed opportunity.