Indy Fab: The 40th Anniversary Phil Wood Ti Track Bike Feb 23, 2010

The guys at Indy Fab have quite the stable brewing for the 2010 NAHBS. They were commissioned by the team at Phil Wood to fabricate 41 (#00 – #40) limited-edition titanium track bikes in honor of Phil Wood’s 40th anniversary. There are tons of Phil Wood logos cut out of literally every component on this bike. It’s really over-the-top. Luckily for those of you who will not be in attendance at the NAHBS, they snapped some shots of bike #00 before packing it up.

Check the rest out at the IF Blog.

  • Got homies in Fairfax, VA but didn’t pull trigger on the plane ticket to VA for NAHBS, reason being I can only get one day off and the flights I found all had one connection and long flight times from California’s SFO to VA. Wack! Non-stop or bust! Next NAHBS has to be hosted in a state with an international non-stop flight capable airport.