How’s This for a Wallride? Feb 1, 2010


Yes, this has been everrrrrywhere this morning and I’ve definitely seen it before but I just noticed the kid in the stands going into “OH SHIT” mode. He or she’s nervously covering their ears and bracing themselves for a wicked crash. What does one do in a situation like this? Get pitted…

Thanks to Jussi for resurrecting this beautiful shot. Now, someone find me a higher-res version and a photo credit. I’ve exhausted my searches!

Now, I think we can all agree, THIS is a wall ride on a track bike. Right?

  • Check out this gnarly crash at the Alpenrose Velodrome in Portland of ’08:

  • Loo Ganida

    fuck! you can see the tire marks across the LOOK sign!

  • lolsrsly

    get a bmx fggt!

  • antihero1972

    lolsrsly, why would we want more bmx fggt’s how about get a skateboard bmx dork.

  • Victor

    Couldn’t find any info on the pic as well, BUT I did run into this video: “What’s up Sexy Bike Crash”

    too funny.

  • C

    this was just recently at the UCI World Cup event in Beijing, a crash between Bauge (FRA) and Okunev (RUS). Okunev went up the wall but did a nose manual on the way down, resulting in a crash.

  • onlyshredsremain

    amazing pic, thanks.

  • J.T.

    Shannon Bufton

  • Dima

    lets see some video footage…

  • prettyboy

    Wow! I was wondering if he landed it, which obviously doesn’t.

  • This happened to my dad a while ago after a keirin.

    His tire marks are still on the wall!

  • Vas

    but isnt the whole track REALLY banked and that wall is more or less a continuation of the bank?
    so this would be more like carving a quarter really high?

    correct me if i’m wrong.

  • The track is banked, yes. But that guard rail is vert.

  • Santiago Belmont

    the 2 best parts of this photo are, 1. you can see the trail of the wheels on the guard rail. 2. it says “look” .. pretty clever. haha i wanna see the video is there one?

  • looks like its captured from a video.

  • chris

    aww man. from the video @….at the end, there is a tri spoke flying thru the air that unwittingly gets caught be the guy in the red&white sliding down the track.