Gran Royale Fixed Accessories Feb 9, 2010

Gran Royale has announced their accessories for 2010. Included in the offerings are these integrated drop bars with a fast-back stem clamp. I’m pretty stoked on these. Perfect for your street machine. Three colors to choose from; black, white and silver. The stem looks to be about a 100mm and the bars have a very traditional bend to them. Like the Cinelli “Madison” track bars, there is about a 2″ wide flat spot on either side of the bar clamp; or in this case, the stem intersection. This is just enough room to ride comfortably on the tops. Or if drops aren’t your thing, they offer some other variations of handlebars.

Check out the integrated flat bars below.

The integrated flat bars share the same clamping mechanism as the drop bars and also come in three colors; black, white and silver. These and the drops are meant for normal street riding. No fancy trick riding guys!

Check out the rest of Gran Royale’s accessories here, at their website.

Gran Royale is really ramping up their fixed gear components and so far, they’re looking great!

Gran Royale Lurker Build Photos
Gran Royale Lurker

  • So they are touting their Lurker as a trick bike right? I ask because under the accessory page the Lurker frame says that it’s “For normal street use (not for stunts).” Just curious about that

  • Alex

    Its probably just an insurance/warranty thing. A lot of mountain bike companies specify in the small print that their products aren’t for “Extreme riding” all the while marketing them as huck machines.

    Any word on tire clearance for the Lurker?

  • If I remember correctly its a 35 in the back halfway in the dropouts and 32 slammed. The front you can pretty much run whatever you want (probably not 47’s but 38’s or so). IIRC

  • Yeah, it’s more than likely a disclaimer. Not sure on their warranty package, if there is one.

  • My friend just got one Luker complete today.
    It’s not bad by Gran Royale.
    Here’s the little bike check report,

    I think 32c is the Max for the rear.
    And for the front. It’s pretty tight as I saw today with the 700 x 28c.not much room.

  • I stand corrected

  • Alex

    Also, since it was discussed in the comments on your last Lurker post, I emailed to QBP today and they said they were not gonna carry the Gran Royale stuff (bummer for those of us who work at shops)

    Someone’s selling them on ebay for $650 though.

  • from this post:

    Hey Danny,

    QBP may not have stock for a little while, give us a call at 866-849-0411 and one of us will be glad to get you ep on it.(assuming you work at a shop if you’re planning to order from Q)

    Thanks man,