Flat Out Finished Feb 5, 2010

Photo by Ian White

The Flat Out riders have finally reached Melbourne. They rode 1200km in 10 days, over hilly terrain, through rural towns and over roadkill. Patrick from GOrilla sent along these photos from the trip, including a little story about how his lack of a helmet made him decide to get a viking helmet tattood on his arm by Bugsy at Fox Body Art. More shots below.

Photo by Ian White

Brutal. Cotton tee and shorts along a highway? Eeek.

Photo by Ian White

The crew in Melbourne.

Photo by Ian White

The viking helmet tattoo. Patrick, you gonna wear a helmet now?

Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Nick from Saint Cloud, a new fixed gear shop in Melbourne. Nick opened the shop on the day the guys arrived to town. Expect a short film documenting their trip to follow.

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  • Rui

    Was the big boned guy in th cinelli kit part of that ride or is he the guy who owns the shop?

    I’m just wondering how someone so portly could push a fixed for 1200k in 10 days. Dont take it the wrong way, I wonder because Im a large fellow myself.

  • yep he did it.

  • artoo

    every friggin meter the fat bastard pushed, he screamed, cried, but in the end he rode it out…the fellow is me !

  • jero

    And probably with an average of over 30 km/h, right?

  • artoo

    jero, gravity is a funny thing, it makes big guys go downhill faster than the light guys but i go up hills slower ;) stats from andrea’s garmin are like this: a total of 1138 km were ridden, 10,762 km of climbs and a total of rolling wheels for 46hours and 19 minutes with an average of 24,6km/h. hills are a killer here in OZ. but we rode it, none of us had breaks and we unclipped only twice as i can remember to get down hill…