Fixed Gear London Anorak: All Weather Jacket Feb 4, 2010

Photo via FGL’s Flickr

We saw a sneak peek of Fixed Gear London‘s Anorak back in October and finally, the guys have posted some detailed photos. Watch the slideshow here. Love the clever use of branding on the pockets. Andy, cheers mate, that looks really legit. Can’t wait for more info.

Fixed Gear London Anorak

  • nombei

    nice placement for that FGL tag.
    looks very Pentel 100W.

  • nombei

    oh, and isn’t an anorak supposed to be a pull over jacket?? at least the few anoraks i have are all of the pull over variety.

  • from the previous post I made:

    “Anorak here has a dual meaning. It can either apply to a male with strong, almost obsessive interests in a subject or a rain jacket.”

    and yes, an Anorak is supposed to be a pull-over.

  • j

    how much usd? i want one.