Concor Supercorsa Ed Wonka Edition Feb 22, 2010

I posted a spy shot of this a while back, when Wonka was living in Switzerland and now it’s a finally available online for purchase. Kinda crazy when you think about it. He’s been doing the fixed freestyle for about 2 years and already has a signature saddle! Not just any company either.

Selle San Marco has been making racing saddles for decades. Many great legends rode these saddles and they’re still, to this day, hand made in Italy. Covered in black suede, with a neon green tag and an embroidered GOrilla logo. The first signature saddle. Not bad man, not bad.

Selle San Wonka

  • j

    oh shit. i kept looking at the sig and didnt notice the gorilla. nice.

  • Vas

    major props!

  • RyanK

    Odd because i thought Wonka rode an Animal Saddle…Does San Marco own Animal?

    Regardless, congrats Wonka.

  • ken

    what kind of question is that? no san marco doesnt own animal. wonka probably got the animal pivotal for free. san marcos bend the rails often.

    the wrahw post is deceiving. he didnt strip it. he broke his frame and got a new one. his cracked frame is up in chari & co on a wall. look at the side-bend – it was posted here

    i thought it was strongest frame available? it was cracked at top tube and seattube

  • scene is mainstream.

  • Julian M.

    really……………… jeez, what’s next..

  • oddfellow

    i really like his handstyle actually..
    i knew he got up but damn.. fresh on all fronts.

  • that is that frame is the stripped one on wrahw dumb dumb ? and ILL BREAK ALL YOUR BIKES. COME SEE ME!!!

  • Ted

    Wonka always crushes it but i think we all love him most because he cant type in coherent English and i aint hatin haha