Cinelli MX-1 Feb 16, 2010

One of those Cinelli MX-1s just popped up on eBay. This one’s in pretty poor condition, with a bent fork blade, a repair job and chipped paint. Gotta love those decals though! The original “CMX”. There’s much better photos of a nice blue MX-1 over at BMX Museum and the original Cinelli MX-1 ad is below complete with a Campagnolo BMX group and Clément tubular racing tires.

How rad would it be to see Cinelli re-issue these? Or even in a 700c version? Well, minus that gusset.


    holy shit, this is the coolest fucking thing ive ever seen.

  • This is whats good!

  • there’s one in Hong Kong…
    in excellent condition…
    but I don’t know if the shop willing to sell it..lolz

  • J

    I know where there at least one possibly still two of these hiding in almost new condition…

  • J

    are you impressed yet?

  • J


  • :-P

  • :O

  • JRF

    Yeah there’s three in nos condition at the cinelli warehouse.
    Did I mention they’re for sale?