Bmore Fixed: Christina Panteliodis Feb 23, 2010

Photo by Jeremiah Jones

This is when I like seeing a girl on a bike. Fully clothed and throwing a barspin. Nicely done! Jeremiah’s been riding more with the Bmore Fixed crew and snapped this photo of Christina on a bank. I wanna see an edit.

You guys going to the NAHBS?

  • MorehartFilms



    yeah all the baltimore folks are gonna be in RVA this weekend.

  • Spencer (SF)

    “Fully clothed and throwing a barspin”

    Cheyea. hahaha.

  • jordo

    can we get an Oooshie pic? ;)

  • Tyler Johnson

    I dig this photo, her bike, and that shes rippin. We need more girls to shred like this!

  • johnny ojeda

    she forgot to bunnyhop

  • awesome pic!

  • Christina

    hey hey im working on that!

  • j

    damn that girl has style. what spokes are those?

  • j

    better yet, she needs to do a bike check…

  • Mitchell

    Bike Check!

  • hey no 26″ snark! good to see you gettin over your 700c uber alles view prolls ;). Remember, we all cant be 7’2 berserkers with massive barspin clearance :D

  • It’s all about timing.


  • i will NOT be at NAHBS with the rest of the crew but Christinas bike check comming soon…

  • Burd

    Digging that setup…!

  • Christina

    bike check will be up soon and an edit…oh about the wheels
    unfortunately i am too short to run 700c