Water St. Sessions: Tom LaMarche Wheelie 180 Jan 29, 2010

Photo by Garrison

Switch hop to wheelie to 1/2 crank to 180 bunnyhop. Words can’t really capture this, nor can a photo, but this is just one example of why the Delco King, Tom LaMarche just seems to kill shit. When he’s not working at the $29.99 Shoe Warehouse in Darby, he’s out riding, even in the brutal cold weather last night at Water St. Sessions.

Thanks to Tony for the photo explanation and Garrison for catching it mid-air!

  • aj

    hook it up on the jordan’s you white honky waffle house eatin’ son of a gun.

  • damn, i was too cold and lazy to roll down there last night. sorry I missed the show!

  • That description is wacky. Wheelie 180 would suffice.

  • Ok, feel free to post your own description on your blog. I was trying to capture the technical side of the trick and “wheelie 180” wouldn’t have caught it…


  • prettyboy

    Is that off the deck?

  • Yeah, off the palette.

  • antonyo


  • Appalled

    God damn it Prolly, is it me or are there a lot of snots that ride fixed gears.