Tom in Milwaukee Jan 23, 2010

Tom LaMarche is here in Milwaukee. We rode around a few spots with a group of guys. Much more to come, but this shot is too good to not share. That’s Peter from COG Magazine shooting Tom from below and it’s his flash that I sniped.

  • GULLY!

  • Sickatron!
    Er,is the photographer wearing a helmet?

  • vonbaker


  • Andrew

    Sick. I can see that spot from my apt. Abe approves.

  • There is nothing in focus!

  • it’s always important to wear a helmet while shooting.

  • So high. What helmet is Peter wearing?

  • prolly

    Tracko, I’m not much of a photographer but you sure are a dick…


  • wade

    Must be at the Saarinen with the Calatrava in the background? (for the architecture geeks in the room …)

  • hope youre shooting some video also prolly.

  • Ronnie

    thats gnarly

  • Joshua

    looks like a 661 helmet

  • Yeah, the photographer is Peter from Cog mag. He was riding with us all over and wears a helmet. Rather than taking it off, he just keeps it on. It’s warm and he didn’t have a hat with him.

    This weekend was the most significant fixed gear event to date. I’ve never been around such energy and intensity.

    I wore a helmet at the comp and Jeff from Bike Jerks says “being safe is always cool”….

  • You are just the coolest cat, John “Prolly” Watson.

  • The helmet is a Bern Watts, and here’s the view from closer in…

  • haha yes prolly. Too true.

  • gob

    God, some of you guys are nerds. Tom is doing a pedal grind! on a 4 foot high granite block! wearing a parka! and you’re calling out the photographer’s helmet. Jayzus.

  • Ben Holden

    Tracko, I think I speak for everyone here. Shut the fuck up. No one cares if it’s not in focus. Go jock Rapha some more.