Shadow Conspiracy Spring 2010 Line Jan 15, 2010

Shadow Conspiracy just shot me an email with a preview of their 2010 products that are applicable to 700c riders. Check out the rest of the color options and product descriptions below. As they say “2010 is all about options”. Looking fresh! I still need to try out one of the half link chains.

-Vultus Minis 4” and 2” risers ,22.2 with shims for 25.4 ,tear drop shaped crossbar, 100% heat treated after welding, 13 butted chromoly. limited lifetime warranty. Also in White

-Multiple Spoke lengths straight gauge, Alum. nipples

-Interlock 2 chain

-Ravager Plastic pedals

-Umbra post 27.2 and 25.4 posts 350mm one bolt spring tension system, ride it tall or cut it and slam it.

  • several of us down south are riding on the new shadow pvc’s. they are supreme….super light weight but tough as hell. A+ product.

  • Sam

    those orange bits would look good with grey scissor and orange fork.

  • I like when more BMX brands come into the game. this is good information

  • lukemc

    competition is always good in this case.
    competition=price drops

  • radam

    loving my shadow halflink chain.
    I’ll never go back to a reg chain again.