Sam Miller: Tabletop 2008 Jan 16, 2010

Photo by Blake Sinclair

I just wanted to post this image after the last discussion on the Shiba Friday video. Torey said Nasty’s tuck-no-hand on flat was the first recorded and I commented that Sam Miller was doing them in 2008 during the Bootleg Sessions 2 era. Another thing Sam Miller did around this time was a freaking tabletop off the hip at the Peel Sessions spot, during the Bootlegged Peel Sessions comp.

This is also when Tom was doing wheelie 180‘s. Just goes to show that because something wasn’t documented on the internet, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Shiba Friday 01.15
Bootlegged Peel Sessions Recap

  • Where is Sam Miller these days? The last web video I saw from him was that one hand – 180. Dude is like my favorite rider. and that table top is completely ridiculous!

  • Watch for him the Revival DVD!

  • Nearly the same moment from a different angle:

  • i think chances are sam miller prolly did most all tricks ages ago. homeboy has been killing.

  • To CyclingWMD:
    Dude I can see you snapping that one off in the background of the first pic. haha. Coooooool.

  • TOM

    These were fucking flat.