NYC Building Owners Hate Bikes Jan 15, 2010

Photo by Iain Browne on Flickr

It’s no surprise that once the mandatory bikes in building law was passed, that building owners would find every way to oppose it or make it as difficult as possible for cyclists to bring their bicycles up to their office.

A reader, who will remain anonymous, sent me the following email:

Hi John,

The building I work in will only allow for bikes through the freight elevator (I’m aware that this is legit), however it’s only open from 8-5. 90% of the employees in the building leave after 6pm. Here’s the biggest kick in the nuts, management wants to charge $75 per person if you choose to take your bike out of the building past 5pm! I asked if we could use the stairwell…”nope”. I asked, “what rights do the owners have to fine people?”, no real answer to that either!


$75? Really? Wow. Time for someone to call 311.

Oh and guys, the above picture is unrelated to the story. I just used it because it was a nice shot of a freight elevator.

  • i guess that’s their attempt at extortion to offset the complaint tickets @ $800 a pop.

  • Hey,

    I have the same exact problem. I work on the 2nd floor in a building where bikes are allowed into the building only through the freight elevator. The freight elevator stops at 5pm (but the workers are almost always out by 4:45pm) and I don’t get out of work until 6pm. There were a few times where I did not make the 5pm cut off time and they simply did NOT let me take my bike out of the building. I had to lock the bike INSIDE my office and get it the next day. If you don’t get it out in time on a Friday, you are screwed over the weekend. Right now, I have to take my bike outside the building and lock it outside before 5pm everyday until I get out of work at 6…. it sucks

  • dan

    That situation sucks. On the bright side, three freight elevators are better than one! We only have one in a 30 story building and it’s always a 5-10 minute wait.

  • Julie B.

    I had a building tell me I could’nt bring it down the stairwell at the end of the day. I did it anyway. The way I feel is, stairwells are emergency exits and everyone should have the right to use them.

  • Joe

    Pay with a check and see who cashes it then see if they are paying sales tax. .311

  • Iain

    That’s pretty wacky. Not sure what the bike policy is in my office.

    Thanks for the appropriate link back to my flickr.

  • santiago

    yo prolly now that you mentioned this. i have a job at a building in times square and when it was my first day. (of cuorse i ride to work) i went up the elevator not knowing that i couldnt do that, our office is on the 7th floor and on the 6th is calvin klein , one of the employees while i was going up the elevator CALLED the COPS and the Super of the building. acusing me of invading her elevator space. what the F?

  • Gwin

    Yes, this is a MAJOR loophole in the bicycle access bill. My building’s freight elevator hours also end at 6, and they have no plans to change that.

  • Sour Puss.

    1) Get rich and buy the building and then you can run it any way you want.

    2) Become so successful you own the company and the property owner negotiates the lease with you, put bicycle access into the lease.

    3) Become so valuable an employee that you can ask your boss to include bicycle access in his lease.

    4) Stop being a wuss and chain your bike outside.

    5) Get a folding bike.

    6) Whine an complain and get bicycle access laws passed that only piss off the people who you want to cooperate with you.