MKE Bike Polo Team Talks About Arrests Jan 13, 2010

Spotted this at the new COG Magazine blog. Further coverage of the MKE Bike Polo team arrests by the MKE Sheriff’s Department. Media support is exactly what these guys need. Congrats!

Spread the word and help the MKE team get some indoor practice space!

Arrested for Playing Polo

  • Kevin

    i’ve never played bike polo myself. but i’ve had this sorta thing happen numerous times on my skateboard on a vacant parking lot. this is great that those guys got some coverage, and hopefully they’ll get/find a great place to practice during the winter. best of luck to you guys!

  • Choder

    Props you guys.


  • HideBehindYourCross

    Can anyone else see bike polo turning into an Olympic summer game? Or winter; or both, even. Call it far-fetched, but I would really like to see Victoria get down on some bike polo…

  • Congratulations to the guys in Milwaukee for not letting this issue get swept under the rug. It’s pretty funny, and very typical, that nobody from the sheriffs office or the parks department would comment on camera. Little embarrassing for all of them, I would imagine. Good job you guys. Good luck to you all in finding a venue to continue what you love doing.

  • @hidebehindyourcross…victoria does play polo! also so does vancouver
    check out for their club listing

    Thanks for the support everyone! the media attention is one thing but to see cyclists from all over the world sending in comments of support is awesome! stay tuned to our blog for updates on court situation!