Mavic Zxellium Sneaker? Jan 13, 2010

Photo by Zack Vestal

Velonews toured the Mavic factory recently and thrown in the mix of photographs from the trip is this Mavic Zxellium podium shoe. I doubt they’ll be producing these for the retail market because who wants sneakers that look like modern road shoes? Or wait, is it the other way around?

  • wilis

    Tri Athalon?

  • Nah, just a podium sneaker for when a racer wins a stage. Think about it, they’re always in full-kit with geeky sneakers on. Mavic just wants them to be in shoes that look like their road shoes.

  • Chris

    all their reps were wearing them at interbike. i asked about them, they said they’re super comfortable and just as light as the clipless shoe.
    they are pretty damn geeky though.

  • DirtyDave

    All the Mavic booth folks at Interbike were wearing these. They look way better on than they do in that pic.

  • levenger

    what if they were black? I think they’re just ahead of the times. all those buckles would hang up in a toe strap, FRS though. a lace-up with that last foot arch buckle would be ill. and of course, high-top please, but no-one ever will.

  • If they sold them in foot locker for $120 each they would move more units then all of their cycling shoes combined… I would put real money on that.

  • now THAT’s the truth.