Kozo Landed a Backflip Jan 9, 2010

Photo by Goooove08

It has been confirmed from a reliable source that Kozo, the Japanese pro-BMXr turned fixed rider, who lands flat ground tailwhips, has landed a backflip on a fixed gear. I doubt this will be in a web-edit, so expect it to be a forthcoming project. I’m stunned man. Say what you will about fixed 26″ MTB frames, that’s still impressive as hell.

I can’t wait to see this footage. Damn crazy kids.

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Complex Trick Comp
Phoenix Cycle Hamabike Edit

  • prettyboy

    If this is true then it is a massive milestone for fixed freestyle.It’s not really relevant if someone doesn’t like the way the bike is set up or how it looks. The fact is that if it happened on a 700c wheel with a fixed gear then it’s fuckin rad.

  • Wow, can’t wait too see a video of this.

  • charles schoen

    this has never been something i have been enthused about but reading that it was actually pulled off is pretty rediculous! props to everyone in japan for doing so much for the sport! now… lets get this happnin in the states

  • Tanner

    fuck yeh!… nuff said

  • jkelley

    damn, i knew this would happen, just thought it would be a year or so.

  • TOM

    Insane. Get the foam pits ready!

  • Undies

    YEAH ROY!!!!

  • Leif

    damn asians having the ability to be good at fucking everything! haha