CCP Cauque Jan 11, 2010


CCP’s new Cauque hat is now in stock at Blue Lug. Head over to their site to check out more details and more photographs. If anyone buys one of these as a substitute for a helmet, be careful!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been seeing CCP’s clothing on Blue Lug for a little while now and I like a lot of it. When this came across my RSS, I was literally, laughing out loud. It just reminds me of all the old photos of people bleeding from their head when the Cinelli “hairnets” were the best protection available for your head.

  • I cant imagine anyone buying one of these as a substitute for a helmet.

  • Honestly, with the advent of d30 foam, and companies like 661 and ribcap promoting it, i think these puppies are just waiting for a comeback. And while it may be a long while off from being cpsc certified, and will probably never carry a DOT rating (most helmets don’t), i think it’s feasible that you could make something that people would wear around, and provide a bit of protection. i mean, shit, the old cinelli ones still sell like hot cakes on ebay, so people are obviously into them. Plus, think about how sweet it would be to just fold that jammy up and toss it in your bag, instead of having it dangle around, get caught on shit, or forgotten somewhere. just sayin’ yo, use your magical blogging powers and send some d30 foam and cordura my way, haha.