Carl’s Nemesis Project Trackfighter Jan 13, 2010


Carl from Gnarcotix just posted a few shots of his Nemesis Project Trackfighter build. He chose an NS Bikes RNS 2 fork for a decent amount of barspin clearance. One more shot below.


Looks nice with the fatties on there! Digging the all-black too. But I gotta ask, what sprocket is that?

He’s got some more shots up here on his Flickr.

Nemesis Project Trackfighter Build
Nemesis Project Trackfighter

  • sean

    Its an animal lite v2 sprocket

  • Luke

    Is it just me or does that BB have like zero drop? The chainstays are basically horizontal.

  • Yeah, I noticed that. Which means, with the saddle that low that the bike must be a lil big for Carl. Or that Carl likes his saddle lower. Raising the BB that high should put him up higher than a normal track bb drop.

    Interesting build and I like the way the bike is looking. Big fat clearances.