5 Years Isn’t Enough Jan 8, 2010

Photo by Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

The LA Times reported this morning on the sentencing of that asshole doctor, Christopher Thompson, who slammed his brakes right in front of a pack of cyclists on a training ride. Above is a photograph of the dipshit crying as the judge sentences him to 5 years. That’s it?

What if he would have pulled a gun on someone and shot them. I wonder what his sentence would have been then. He did say at the scene of the accident that he wanted to “teach them a lesson.” That being said, at least Superior Court Judge Scott T. Millington recognizes it as severe enough of a crime to give him a long sentence, whereas that clown in NC got off with only 120 days for literally shooting a cyclist in the head.

  • sau

    america is so far behind in intelligence that care providers such as doctors deem it rational to hurt cyclists. this type of lunacy does not seem to happen in european and asian countries.

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  • somekidinaz

    here, this type of shit would have got his head ran over and his car stolen. then i would have found his washed up cunt wife and ripped off a leg from their dining room table and shoved it up her ass while she made me pancakes and i blared motley crue on their home theatre.

  • I heard about this a while back. I didn’t think he would get shit. If history tells us anything i.e. Diez,. and that fuc Eugenio Cidron, the man who killed Eric Ng in 2006 after driving drunk down the West Side bike path! instead of the West Side Highway. He was sentenced to three to 10 years. I was surprised by 5 years. The Judge also called the case a “wake-up call” to motorists and cyclists and urged local government to provide riders with more bike lanes. BTW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vplZBRAp0g why isn’t Judge Scott T. Millington on vimeo?

  • I’m not sure of the circumstances of this incident, but a driver in Australia who wiped out a 50-strong training ride (including Olympic hopefuls) got a $1200 fine last year for a similar maneuver.


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    He won’t live long in jail

  • Edward Scoble

    Look at the doctor.

    he got five years prison sentence that broke him in tear, if it managed to do that to a man who’s very close to retirement, frankly I’m glad he got a prison sentence.

  • scott kroha

    I cannot believe there is even a discussion of this post. How can someone be granted less than 10 years for attempting to shoot a man in the head, let alone a man riding a bicycle, in the presence of his three year old child? Guns aren’t fists people. You don’t shoot people cause you have have “anger management” issues and you were expressing your frustration. Guns are for killing people. this should be a no tolerance kinda deal.

  • yammy

    I find all these stories very interesting. Since cycling has had a tremendous increase over the last few years, especially within the fixed gear culture; there have been significantly more violent acts towards cyclists and motorists. Is this a potential ‘tipping point’ at work here? Maybe. What is truly interesting is how these random intentional acts of violence will be curbed and how cyclists and motorists will manage to co-exist with less hatred towards one another, or maybe with motorists having less hatred towards cyclists.

    I live Hiroshima Japan, and the fact of the matter is pedestrians have right of way first, then automobiles. And the most interesting thing is that cyclists on sidewalks have more right of way than walking pedestrians.

  • someasshole

    I think this is a dumb long sentence for breaking someones nose. Honestly there is probably a hell of a lot more to this than what was said in the article.This was a group ride to correct? should of beat his ass and kept it pushing. Five years is wayy to long especially when drunk drivers are getting away with nothing. I think that this is actual a serious step in the wrong direction. Im going to get five years for breaking some ones nose but real crime gets a slap on the wrist. I am a cyclist but anyone who thinks justice was served needs a serious reality check. I mean really how soft have we gotten that we give five years to some asshole who broke someones nose. Im just glad I live in baltimore where only the hard survive and police and judges recognize a broken nose from shooting someone. Theres people here who get 2 years for shooting someone, I think you hipsters need a serious reality check. stop the softness in 2010

  • someasshole

    I almost forgot to mention that I have experience with a situation like this. I was riding in Hamden, CT on Dixwell some guy got way to close to my back tire and sent me over my bars. I got up had a split chin we ended up getting into it I ended up getting a black eye rode to the hospital got 22 stitches in my chin. Did I file charges fuck nah.Call police?fuck nah. We handled it and that was it please take notes and stop wasting the court systems time.

  • Craig


  • accident implies there was no fault – this wank intentionally put people at risk of injury or death… i don’t really think it matters if the court systems are being strained by this case or others like it, because that is their purpose — bringing people to justice. having this man go to prison for any length of time is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

  • hellocyclists

    If these cyclists weren’t tailgating, they wouldn’t have been hurt. Sorry, but that’s basically how the State of CA defines the crime of tailgating (it’s an “automatic at-fault” state as described below). Combine that with the FACT that bicyclists in CA are (supposedly) responsible for following the same rules-of-the-road that cars need to, and these bicyclists are lucky to have found a sympathetic cop and/or judge. In Southern California, most cyclists don’t obey the rules of the road, and the police don’t do much to make them: this only provokes most motorists, and Dr. Chris Thompson is far from the only fed-up one.

    So he taught the cyclists a lesson in Darwinism: Don’t follow another vehicle so closely that you cannot stop safely (which should be especially easy if you have a lighter, more maneuverable vehicle than the one you’re following).

    In CA, when one car rear-ends another, it’s an “automatic at-fault collision” and this case should be treated no differently than if one car rear-ends another (since cyclists are subject to the same moving-violations laws as cars are…except apparently in this judge’s courtroom), but here you have the typical California activist-judge, instead of following CA’s laws to the letter. The cyclists in this case deserve tickets for tailgating (there’s no judicial or police ‘discretion’ in CA’s legal system for this, it should’ve been automatic), including points assessed if they have driver licenses, and then they can be sued for the damage that THEY CAUSED by tailgating Thompson; Thompson should also be found guilty of reckless driving and pay 50% of the damages IF he stopped for no reason. But if he told the cops: “I slammed the brakes when I saw an animal dart out in front of me,” then they can’t even get him for reckless driving, and the TRUTH is:
    . . . It doesn’t matter WHY someone in front of you stops, if you value your health, you need to leave yourself adequate stopping-distance; if an animal –or a PEDESTRIAN– darted into the road, and then someone in front of you braked, the dopey cyclists in this case wouldn’t be “prepared to stop safely”. So, let me add that besides the legal penalties for tailgating, they deserve a “Darwin Award” and hopefully when some dipshit puts his/her false teeth in every morning, it will be a reminder to never tailgate again. It’s a hard way to learn a lesson, but obviously measures lighter than getting their teeth knocked in weren’t imbuing this cyclist with this particular tidbit of common sense.

    “Critical Mass” anti-car demonstrations are popular in Southern Cali, and these anti-car demonstrations drive home the number of cyclists who OPENLY express that they don’t want to SHARE the road with cars. Dr. Chris Thompson came across some dickheads who endanger themselves & others, and gave em what they deserve. Anywhere but CA, NY, or Nhe’d be given a medal…two if he had a concealed-carry permit and needed to “defend himself” if the bicyclists got ornery afterwards. ;-)

    I’m just glad I don’t drive in CA much anymore — moved after the state’s own economy got buttfucked by the idiots in the CA state legislature (the ones who I think most hippy cyclists probably vote for haha) and Grey Davis.
    . . . Really, CA has so many resources in the private sector which collect money from around the world –Hollywood, Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, you also have weather & mountain-views that attract wealthy retirees & vacationers, same with big-city attractions like Disneyworld, and most flights & ships to Asia/Oceania need stop in CA & pay port fees– and yet, CA’s ‘redistributionist’/’progressive’ politicians who are loved by most of the cyclists I know were _still_ capable of running such a great economic situation into the ground…the educational system is also being ranked lower and lower compared to other states… but hey, you have more bike-lanes than most states, so it’s worth it, right? :-)

    The per-capita earnings of Texans just pushed California out of the USA’s #1 spot (including the massive public debt that Californians need to donate to their State Treasury now), whilst keeping the cost-of-living much lower than California’s.
    . . . NOT BAD FOR “A BUNCH OF DUMB HICKS”. ;-) Check, and mate. Less gang murders than CA, and so many other things are better now that I moved; a few things are worse, but overall better than hippy-bicyclist land.

    Love Always,
    someonewhodoesntneedacartoknockinaCriticalMasser’steeth :-)

  • You did read the report correct? The car was behind the cyclists and passed them to suddenly brake. They weren’t tailgating. It was an intentional and rash decision.

    Now maybe next time you’ll get your facts right before you spend all that time writing a comment like that on a BIKE BLOG.

  • dear hellocyclists,

    the reasons this doctor used his car to teach someone a lesson are probably the same reasons you would. clearly you don’t value cyclists lives or if you do – you value them very low. i don’t believe that trying to avoid injuring people or potentially killing them is an inherently “hippie” trait as i myself am not a hippie, but value human life. this goes both ways as i don’t attack motorists either for the same reasons i would hope they wouldn’t attack me. as you like to speak stereotypically, so shall i … you sound like texas is a perfect fit for your holier than though egotistical personality. enjoy your stay and pray that someone doesn’t run you off the road while you wait your texas-issued license plate.

  • cmh

    More retribution!:

    “His medical license was suspended last month, and a permanent revocation is probable, pending a hearing by the state’s medical licensing board.

    Although now reportedly near bankrupt…Thompson still faces likely civil action from the victims in the case.”

    “The judge also ordered that Thompson be stripped of his driver’s license for life.”

    (Guess he’ll have to take up cycling!)


  • riot_hero

    I’ve seen things like this first hand and heard even more stories from my friends that I ride motorcycles with. It is strange the parallels between motorcycles and bicycles in many regards. People in cars just don’t think that motorcycles have or even deserve full use of the lane and that somehow they are doing you a “favor” by letting you ride on it. It’s crazy how many intentional road rage incidents like this happen in both communities.