W-Base Love Dec 17, 2009

Photo by Lamour Supreme

Thanks for the hoodie guys!

  • teddy

    yeah? then stop hating on the new master frame cuz
    they r freaking solid

  • What? Where did I hate on their frame?

  • tgsdag

    3 Responses to “W-BASE Trick Bike.”
    prolly says:
    October 6, 2009 at 4:52 PM
    super small frames + 700c wheels = compact geo.

    Huge problem with 700c wheeled bikes unfortunately. In fact, I think they’re ONLY making smalls and mediums.

    ive seen ppl riding it
    this thing totally eliminated problems we had in the past

  • That’s not “hating” – that’s stating a fact man. Compact geometry isn’t a negative thing and I have NO IDEA how you interpreted that as hating. W-base guys are my homies. I love those dudes. You need to relax a bit.

  • teddy

    why would you comment something like that if you are their homies and knew they had been trying to solve “compac geo” problems on small frames? i’m just being a dick because you seem to “judge” other ppl’s hardworks.

  • Dude. Google compact geometry. I don’t think you understand what you’re talking about! Compact geometry isn’t a negative thing. It’s not a problem as in a defect. Everyone who makes a 700c “trick” bike uses compact geometry. Volume, MKE, Charge, everything. Compact geometry is a GOOD thing. It helps with standover height, gets the top tube out of the way of your nuts and makes the bike lighter. Look I even made a post commending it.


    Jesus Christ. I’m not “judging” anyone. In fact, you seem to be the only one casting stones here. Small frames + 700c wheels = compact geometry. It’s not a negative thing and yes, you ARE being a dick. I had no idea the guys at W-Base were trying to “solve” any “problem” with the Durcus One. In my opinion, it looks fine.

    On Locked Cog, the people were saying it looks like a “26’r” and that they “don’t like sloping top tubes” and I was simply saying (and supporting the design of the bike) by saying that when you have a 700c bike that’s a smaller size (which is really an extra small when compared the US’s bikes) you’re going to have a compact geo. The only real way around it would be to have 26″ wheels.

    People don’t realize this kind of stuff because a lot of people haven’t tried to develop a frame. I spend over a year developing the Bruiser and I LOVE compact geometries. It makes the bike better. I don’t “hate” on peoples work as much as try to engage in constructive commentary. Just about every other blog out there “disses” “sloping top tubes” and I think it’s because they haven’t sat down and tried to design a frame…

    Look, here’s the Small Bruiser. It’s compact!

    and I don’t hate on people’s hard work. I stand up for people’s hard work and commend it. You need to read this site more if that’s what you think!

  • …and use a real email address. It helps when resolving “misunderstandings” like this. Unless you’re just trolling.

  • djh

    sounds like somebody pressed somebodies buttons. i like this blog because it informs me of whats going on but ya gotta admit that whenever you talk about any product that may directly compete with something you are affiliated with you tend to come off as mad skeptical. i gotta commend you on posting about everything but that there is just my impression. word is bond.

  • In this case I didn’t at all though. Read the post I linked to. I commended them with high honors. Sure, sometimes I’m skeptical about some products, but that’s usually the by-product of some “background” inside bullshit that I’ve been informed of. I’ve gotta get better at hiding my “skepticism”, but I’m only human. This is a one-man-run blog and like everyone, I’ve got my opinions. Hopefully in the future I can work better at concealing that.

    Thanks for the comment DJH.

  • erikerikerik

    i just wrote a nasty comment to teddy, then deleted it. merry x-mas teddy.